Meaning gives strength. From meaning comes resilience. Meaning motivates to act. You must find meaning in your life. You must find meaning in your work. You must find meaning in your relationships. Meaning is everything. Countless leaders, sport champions, acclaimed scientists have told us so.

But, I am ordinary. And, I live a meaningless life…

I live a meaningless life…
The thought has crashed my spirit countless times. I am unsure, how I can reconcile the messages that society passes on about meaning with my state of being.

I live a meaningless life…
But, I have strength. I am resilient. I take action. I enjoy my work. I love. Yet, I feel it´s undeserved, because since my life is meaningless, I am not supposed to feel so good about it. I am supposed to look for more… Right?

I know… It´s bullshit, but it´s real. I really feel this way.

You can be perfectly happy and yet feel it is underserved. Yet, feel you should be supposed to do more… yet feel you should find meaning.

One thought on “Meaning

  1. What is meaning? How do you define meaning? How’s somebody’s life more meaningful than the life of anybody else in the world? What is it that society defines as meaningful? Buying stuff? Having a lot of unique experiences? Nobody gives us a clear definition of the word meaning or in other words happiness. Everybody has their own definition of those terms. For some people it is meaningful to pass on their own experiences – to their children or others. For others, meaning is, to accumulate a lot of wealth or to achieve something that leaves a dent on the fabric of society. Anyway, meaning is what you define it to be, and only within these boundaries meaning exists. The universe, on the other hand, does not care one bit about meaning – because it can’t care!

    P.s. : I feel you anyway!

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